Thursday, December 31, 2015

Speed-Sew Introduction

Earlier this year I was sent a couple of pkgs of this Speed-Sew.  I was to post to my blog & I am sorry but I just had too much going on, I also wanted to try it for myself since I was not familiar with this product.   My only negative is don't use it on light colored / weight fabric, it has a yellowish color to it and it shows through.  But great for heavier fabric.

I have used it for many different applications, which it seems very unique instead of sewing.  I had a friend ask for some help for her granddaughter who wanted to make some favors for her wedding.  She wanted to make a burlap envelope.  So I was so happy to give her a tub of the Speed-Sew to put the edges together.  It worked really well & then she just did a blanket stitch around the edge for looks.  I wish I had a pic to show you how it looked.

I will put the contact info on for this  website with lots of info is
This is the company info and phone number below

Canmec Enterprises

Vancouver, BC


If you have any need for sewing without thread this is your product

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